True Story Lol

 I decided back in May of 2019 that I am finally going to write my book about the joys of being a receptionist. With over 25 years experience I figure I have a few to put down on paper and in a book. This one, however, is about me calling a receptionist at a veterinary clinic and trying to keep a straight face. But before I get into how the phone call went, here is the whole story.

The first week of June was that time of the month for me. Which is no big deal anymore and just going about my week. However, this time, I’m house-sitting which is my full-time business and one of the big dogs got into my garbage.

I had gone out one afternoon and came home and let all the dogs out. Turbo, the big blue coon dog came in and had what I thought was poo hanging from his bum. Well, I put on a pair of gloves and moved his tail so that I could see what it was. I started to laugh, and I mean full on tears down my face laugh. I realized it was a tampon.

Well, him dragging his butt around trying to get it out wasn’t working, so, since I had gloves on, I thought I would try and pull it out. Well, he just about damn near took my arm off. I thought this isn’t good and he may have more going on internally.

So now, I had to call the vet. Believe me, when I say, it was hard to do with a straight face. So, I dialled;
Vet Receptionist: Lakeland Vet Clinic, how can I help you?
Me: This is going to be a funny phone call (I’m laughing and talking)
Vet Receptionist: Ok…..
Me: explaining what happened and laughing.
Vet Receptionist: she is now laughing and saying ok, bring him in, just in case.

Hung up the phone, loaded the dog into the back seat of my truck (seats are folded up) and headed off to the vet. I walk in the door and announce who I am, the moment I did, all three of us girls got the giggles. The vet, bless his heart, just smiled and said Bring him to the back.

So, we walk into the back and they put a soft Velcro muzzle on Turbo. The vet pulled on the one hanging from his butt and another two came out with it. He had ingested 3 tampons. I just about threw up. Said thanks for the help and left laughing all the way out of the clinic.

Needless to say, the garbage has been thrown out and the bathroom door has been closed ever since.

This is a true story and I hope it gave you a laugh.