lazing away sunday


Sunday was born May 13, 2018, yes Mother’s Day. In July of 2018, I moved him and his mother closer to home. That was my first mistake. When that barn manager left the barn she was at, I of course followed. I moved my mare and weanling to her place and thought they would be well cared for.

Sunday on July 8, 2019, looked like an auction mart rescue. The persons caring for him told me to send additional funds to deworm him. Well as you can plainly see in these pictures, he never was. He still had winter hair and his whole body just looked dull not to mention his massive potbelly.

I moved Sunday and his mother back to Diamond T Paints and Boarding Horses in Ponoka, AB on July 8, 2019. We immediately started him on a round of deworming as advised by my vet and 1 pound of Buckeye Growth twice a day as well as Excel Eq. Within two weeks, he started to look like a yearling, six months later, he looked amazing!

Sunday is an Excel Eq Supplement horse for life! I just brought him closer to home again to Spoons Arabians by Sherwood Park where I immediately started him back on Excel Eq. His body is in great shape and so is his topline going into winter.

This is a picture of him April 17, 2020, and he looks Amazing!

I can’t wait to show him next year!