My start to couponing.

 I’ve never been one to coupon and I’ll never come close to being an extreme couponer but with Christmas just around the corner and all sorts of places animal and human looking for donations, I thought, why not jump on the coupon bandwagon and see what I can do for these charities and I mean who doesn’t like saving money right?

So, what I did first was go through things I use daily, monthly and one-offs in toiletries, personal stuff and even food as well as cleaning supplies, dog food, cat food and cat litter. I’m a professional house sitter, so I figure if I can save my client's money or donate to a rescue on behalf of my company and myself, I figure why not.

But before I got all excited about doing this, I stopped myself several times with the excuse of what’s the point? I’m a single gal, not buying for a family, so why waste all this time and effort couponing. Well, I decided to turn my negative into a positive and look at it this way. With couponing, I can stockpile supplies. Which means when needed for donations or whatever, I’ll have it available!

During the holidays, shelters and rescues and other charities are always looking for feminine products, stuff for kids, stuff for teenage boys and animals. So, I’m going to start stockpiling and buying when I can so that I have a good amount on hand for next year. May even do some donating after Christmas because lots of places have Boxing Day sales!

Searched on Pinterest for ideas on how to get started and where to look for coupons. Right off the start I signed up for and sent out a few texts to friends and family to save me their coupons that come in the mail or paper. Apparently, Thursday and Saturday are coupon days. So, we’ll see!

Stay tuned to see what happens with my first coupon shopping experience! Feel free to share any tips or ideas from your experience with coupon shopping!


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